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Long before this forum was even created, I really did not like forums that required you to download them. this was before I realized that I needed a web host and FTP and all that. So all forums I have create are hosted for free. For example, Chen's Clubhouse is hosted by

On December 21st, 2010 I discovered how to do all this. I found a web host, x10hosting. I learned from a certain teen forum that I could just find a web host, download the phpBB3 files on it and then I'll have my forum running.

The day after I successfully installed my forum.

After installing the forum I had questions on how to install MODs etc but then on the 24th I installed AutoMod, which made things MUCH easier. I eventually found out about FileZilla (a day after the creation of this forum).

I learned A LOT since I downloaded the phpBB3 package. I now know how to add more smilies, ranks, and topic icons.

Actually, now I no longer have problem with file edits. Occasionally I might run across one that I have slight trouble with, but then eventually I either give up or figure it out. I also now know how to install manually. Not that hard, really.

I'm more familiar with the files. I'm getting the hang of it. I still need help on fixing some parse errors or whatever, but otherwise, I'm getting better.

I can now consider myself somewhat of a forum expert. I can install mods manually and I sorta understand how some of the coding works.

It's now been over a year. I've learned so much. Obviously I still have a little trouble now and then and there's no way I know how to CREATE a mod but I still have more knowledge now than when I first created S&C.

I thank all the people that supported me and helped me through the tough times!

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