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**IMPORTANT** SITE RULES! Last updated 2/19/12

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**IMPORTANT** SITE RULES! Last updated 2/19/12

Post Number: #1  Postby Jessica » January 29th, 2011, 12:16 am

Rules created Dec. 22, 2010 @ 10:42 pm
Last updated February 19, 2012 @ 11:30 pm

Welcome to School & Chat!

I try to make this forum a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. Therefore there are rules, to get rid of those that do not belong and cause trouble. It is easy, in my opinion, to follow them. However, it is also easy to break them. Be careful, respect others, and you will avoid any punishment. Fail to follow the rules, and you will be punished.

The rules usually get updated monthly. So please make sure you read them again every month if necessary - you can just look for the "new" image

Feb update:



:greenbullet: Minor
:orangebullet: Medium
:redbullet: Severe

  • Keep your username appropriate. Please do not use any swear words. :greenbullet:
  • You are allowed only one account unless I give you permission to have another. :orangebullet:
  • You must be at least 13 years old of age to join. Anyone younger than that will be banned immediately. However if you are 12 you can rejoin when you are 13. Simply email me when you have turned 13 and I will unban your account. Please do not create another account.
  • Anyone can use the test account. However any abuse of it is not allowed. If and when the test account is given extra privileges you must NOT abuse them. Any abuse will result in the lock down of the account, meaning you won't be able to use it. I will find out who abused it and punish them. The lock down won't be permanent, but you won't know when it'll be lifted.

  • For your safety please do not give away your full name, address, phone number, school name, or any personal information. If you do give away any personal information, it will be removed immediately and you will be suspended, maybe even permanently banned. :redbullet:
  • Refrain from exchanging personal information by PM or post. If anyone sends you their personal information, report it immediately.

  • Respect others and you will be respected in turn. :orangebullet:
  • The staff has the right to warn, suspend, or ban you if you break a rule/the rules.
  • Do not be rude to other people. Be nice to everyone. :greenbullet:
  • Do not bully people because of their race, nationality, sexuality, gender, etc. In fact, bullying of any kind of not tolerated. :redbullet:
  • I am a strong supporter of gay rights; therefore if you are AGAINST gays please either leave or keep your opinions to yourself. If there is a topic about gay rights, gay marriage or something of the sorts you can post in it but you cannot start hate bashing gays and saying they are evil blah blah blah or any nasty stuff. Same with bisexuals and lesbians and anyone.
  • If you believe you have been unfairly warned, or you have been wrongly suspended or banned, please contact me by using the Contact page and selecting the reason 'Unfairly warned' or 'Wrongly Suspended/Banned'.

  • Do not post inappropriate content or pictures or link to inappropriate content or pictures. If you do that you will be banned immediately and you will never have the chance to return. :redbullet:
  • Hate bashing and bullying other members is absolutely prohibited. If you are caught doing this you will be banned immediately and will NOT have the chance to return. :redbullet:
  • Sorry, but swear words are not allowed. This forum after all, is for 13 year olds and up. First time you use one (or more), that's okay, you won't be punished. Your post will be edited and you'll be reminded. If you continue, however, you'll start getting warnings. I know you probably don't like filters but there is no need to use any bad words. :orangebullet:

  • If there is a thread already on, for example, what you're getting for Christmas, do not create another one.
  • Please stay on topic. If you want to go offtopic use the Offtopic tag. Also, make your post long; it doesn't have to be a paragraph, but if you just post "Agreed" that's spam.
  • You are only allowed to bump your own topics, if it's by posting. For bumping using the button at the bottom, please do not abuse it.
  • You can double post but do it if you really need to. If I see that there's no need for you to double post, I will merge the two (or more) posts.
  • Threads attacking other members is not allowed. If you create a thread hate bashing another member, you will be banned immediately and you will never have the chance to return. :redbullet:
  • If you see another member posting things that break the rules, please REPORT the post!
  • Please make sure you read any important stickies and/or announcements if you haven't done so already in each section.

  • Okay. Everyone makes mistakes. But seriously, how can you mix up 'your' and 'you're'? Use them correctly. You WON'T be in trouble just for grammar and spelling mistakes, no. but if someone points out a mistake(s) do not complain.
  • Please don't tlk lyke dis. or write 'you' as u. it's annoying.
  • It is important to try to use proper spelling and grammar and punctuaction so that people can understand you. :greenbullet:

  • Do you want to change your username? To request a username change, go to the Contact page and select from the drop down 'Username change request'. Make sure you are completely satisfied with the new username, you won't be able to change your username again for 6 months. Username lengths must be 3-15 characters in length and cannot contain inappropriate words or phrases. Also, go to this topic for more info and the template you need to use.
  • If you see your username changed, that means I've accept your request. If not, either I haven't read your request or I've rejected it. Since I'm online daily, most likely it's the latter, since I can get to your request fairly quickly. PM me if you want to know why you've been rejected. If you're unsure, you can still PM me to make sure.
  • Need to change your username because of parents or relatives, but can't because the 6 month limit hasn't been up yet? If that is the case, you ARE allowed to change your username. PM me if this is happening to you and I will change your username to your choosing. I will also suggest other ways to protect your account from nosy parents/relatives.
  • *****IMPORTANT NOTICE***** If I've changed your username you may need to log in again. So if you put in your original username and you are unable to log in, most likely I've changed your username. Use the new username that you've chosen, and you should be able to log in again. If not, please contact me in some way.
  • If you register with a Username that is inappropriate, it will be changed and warnings/bans may be issued.

  • You can only advertise your sig and in the advertising forum. :greenbullet:
  • Read the Advertising Rules for more information.
  • Do not advertise in other forum sections.

  • Avatars that mimic any rank in the forums that you are NOT part of (like admins, moderators) is not allowed. :greenbullet:
  • Avatars may not be inappropriate images. Keep the images appropriate for all ages. :redbullet:
  • Avatars that contain racist, sexist, or any inappropriate words or shows hatred against a gender, race, sexuality, etc, is absolutely not tolerated. :redbullet:
  • If your avatar break any of the above you will be asked to change it. It's just a little warning; you aren't going to be punished if you oblige and change your avatar. However if you refuse, or don't change it within 3 days, you will be given an official warning and your avatar privileges will be removed. :orangebullet:
  • Signatures may not link to illegal or inappropriate websites and may not contain any inappropriate images. :redbullet:
  • Please do not make your signatures too large and avoid putting in large images :orangebullet:

Since I allow adult members on this forum, there are certain rules that generally will only apply to them, but a few may apply to everyone. I consider adult members to be 20+ years old.
  • This board is absolutely in no way a "dating" forum. You are absolutely prohibited from asking someone, especially someone younger than you, any personal information. If you are discovered to be asking that sort of information, you will be banned immediately.
  • No stalking or threatening a younger member
  • Do not discuss anything inappropriate with a younger member. Inappropriate discussion is prohibited anyways, even if you discuss it with a person your age.
  • To members ages 13-19: I know you may be uncomfortable with the fact that there are adults on this forum. However please be aware that you are in no immediate danger, as long as you do NOT disclose any information that you should not be sharing anyways with a stranger online. If you are uncomfortable or suspicious of a particular adult, please contact me or an admin immediately. You are able to add that adult(s) to your foe list. Also please note that there are not many adults on this forum.

  • People of all religions and beliefs are welcome here.
  • Respect other people's beliefs as you want them to respect yours.
  • However, preaching or trying to shove your religion/beliefs on other people is not tolerated.
  • As your founder, me, is an atheist, I cannot stand people who try to preach Christianity. Any topics on trying to persuade people that God exists using "proof" will be removed. There can be debates on the existence of God, yes, but no topics about preaching your religion and as I said above, trying to force people to convert. You can be BANNED for that. Permanently.

The following is the level of punishment depending on the rule(s) you broke. Each has a list with some examples of rules that will result in that certain level. There may be more for each level, so be warned.

  • PM Warning - basically if you have no previous warnings from the past, this would be your first warning. if you start spamming, you will be PMed to stop. If you continue, you will get more severe punishment. Any very minor rule breaking will get you a PM.
  • Warning - minor infractions will result in a warning.
    • Disrespecting a staff member or member
    • Using a swear word(s)
    • Giving out personal info
    • Spamming (making a lot short posts)
    • Repeatedly double posting
    • Continuing breaking of minor rules despite PM warnings
    • Usually four or more warnings will place you on Moderation Queue. Everything you post must be approved.
  • Suspension - banned for a certain amount of time, but not forever. the length of suspension depends on the severity of the violation.
    • Continuing to be rude to a staff member or another member
  • Permanent Ban - member is banned forever
    • Posting inappropriate content
    • Hate bashing other members
    • Posting illegal and harmful content or linking to illegal or harmful content

  • you were 12 when you joined and you are now 13
  • You had created another account but you apologize for doing that, and you promise not to repeat the offense.
  • You apologize for your rudeness and promise not to do it again. You will be watched carefully. If you stick to this promise then there will be no punishment. However if you start being rude (break your promise), you will be banned again and this time not likely to have the chance to return.

You can send your apologies by emailing me. Do NOT create another account to say sorry. That will greatly lower your chances of getting a second chance

If you feel like you have been wrongly banned, please email me.

For serious infractions, there is no chance of you being able to renew yourself. In other words, you can never return to these forums.

Questions? Feel free to send me a private message, email me, post in my guestbook, use the Contact page or post in Forum Support.
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