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My Board Style in UCP

PostPosted: December 12th, 2015, 2:33 am
by Knight Rider
Hi guys,

It's been a while since I've "fiddled" around in the phpBB ACP with permissions and such.
Anyways, on a forum I own & run for my GTA 4 PC gaming group, I noticed I don't have the option to change my style, which is normally under the My Board Style drop down menu in the UCP under Board Preferences.
A good friend of mine, has a forum for his YouTube channel under a subdomain on my hosting plan, and as part of hosting the board for him, I have my own account with founder access. In the UCP under Board Preferences there, I have the option to change my style under My Board Style.

I have the following styles activated on my group's forum:
- prosilver
- Artodia: Mobile & SEO
- Christmas Dream - Style 1 (Until New Year)

What could I be missing here? The account on my group's forum, is a founder account with full permissions in admin, moderator & user permissions, and the same as my friend's phpBB board as well

~ KR
Global Mod


PM me for board URLs to both boards, as well as a temporary Test User with Registered Users group permissions

Edit: Created a test user on my friend's board, and can see My Board Style just fine