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PostPosted: May 19th, 2011, 6:03 pm
by Oyabun1
Something you may be interested in (and something that doesn't put much more load on the board :-) ) is tracking visitors using and external service. There are numerous commercial services that do this, but there are also ones that offer a free service for lower volume users. Either StatCounter or Google Analytics are good. Google Analytics is flashier, but I think StatCounter is easier to use.

They can give an idea of where people came from, both in terms of their geographic location and the page that lead them to the board (StatCounter will show the search term used and I presume Analytics can do the same); the time they spend on the board, if they're there for <5 secs they were probably looking for something else; the days that people visit, weekly posts are probably better added the day before. They're also useful to see what pages people look at; if you spend 90% of your time on one category, but only 5% of visitors go there then maybe the time could be better spent, or maybe even more time needs to be spent on that category. :lol: (Correct analysis of the statistics is a much more complex issue and the paid services tend to offer services in that regard. However, the raw data is also useful.)

It is possible to include switches in the code added to the board to, for instance, exclude members (they may not want to be tracked for privacy reasons) and/or search bots (they tend to visit every page anyway, but not necessarily in one visit, and can thus distort the figures). If the code linking to the tracker goes into the overall_footer.html then most pages will be tracked because that footer is used on most pages.

Re: Tracking

PostPosted: August 16th, 2011, 10:59 pm
by Jessica
I'll give this a thought. Right now I have the Hit Counter, which is a block for the cBB Portal.