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Before applying

PostPosted: February 11th, 2011, 9:54 pm
by Jessica
  • Member for at least 3 days
  • Have at least 5 posts
  • Experience in moderating
  • NO warning history (does not include ones that expire)

If you do not meet all above requirements your application will be rejected (you can apply again when you do, or you can wait till you meet the requirements before your app is approved - I'll just not approve your application till then). If you do not meet any of the requirements please do not bother applying. Thank you

If you apply for mod or global mod, you are still free to join Teachers :-)

  • Do not ask to be a staff member in any post except a staff application. If you want to be a staff member, you'll need to apply and create an application.
  • Be patient waiting for your application to be accepted. Sometimes I want to give it some thought, or sometimes I am busy.
  • Please use the Moderator or Global Moderator template!

Where there are no more spots, this forum will be locked.

Moderator disclaimer: In the list of staff members in "The team", it says that moderators and global moderators moderate all forums. Neither is true, although global moderators can moderate nearly all forums.

Also, in the rules it says that staff members have the right to warn, suspend, and ban you. You will need to look carefully at the privileges each staff position has, as one certain position cannot ban users. Teachers can neither warn nor ban.

If you are moderator, do not apply to be a global moderator. If you wanted to be global mod you should have applied for global mod, not mod. Anyways, you ARE able to be PROMOTED to global mod when I see it fit for you to be promoted.

Current Staff Members: (or you can view the team)

Want to be part of the staff? Then this is your chance. Continue below and pick which position you want to apply for. Then create a new topic. Don't forget to read the staff rules.

Current Available Staff Positions:

To become an admin, read this topic. Do NOT create a thread.

No admins are needed at this time.

Global Mod Template

***In the Post Models dropdown, choose Global Moderator Application***

Description: Global Mods are more powerful than Moderators, able to moderate nearly all forums. In addition to the ability to warn, they also can ban and suspend users. They are below the Admin, however, as they can't access the ACP. Global mods will be able to access the Staff Lounge.

All Global Mod positions are filled. Promotions from Moderator to Global Moderator are still possible.

Moderator Template

***In the Post Models dropdown, choose Moderator Application***

Description: Moderators have powers regular users do not have. They moderate certain forums, not all, unlike the Global Mods. Moderators have the ability to give out warnings to users. Mods will be able to access the Staff Lounge.

Moderator positions are filled and closed for the time being. More may be needed in the future, but that will depend on the circumstances and the way to apply may change.


Description: Teachers are basically regular users but can moderate all subject forums + General Discussion. Outside them, however, they are like regular members (unless they are in another staff group), even though they have a unique color. Teachers help with homework.

Membership can be easily requested. Please go here and select Teachers.

Username color change request

You can be in more than one group, therefore you need a main (default) group. This determines the color of your username. If you want to change it, use this template.

***In the Post Models dropdown, select Primary Group Change***

Note: In the future, I may allow users to change the default group themselves by going to their UCP.