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Board rules

1. Last Updated

1.1. last updated Oct 11, 2013 @ 2:18 am

Rules can be updated without any announcement, so it is your duty to periodically check this page. Any major ones will most likely be announced.
1.2. Original rules

2. Registering & Accounts

2.1. You must be 13 years old or older to join. no one under 12 is allowed; however if you joined at 12 and your account was banned but you have recently turned 13, you can email me to say so and I will unban your account.
2.2. Please do not use your full name, address, phone number, school name or any personal information in your username. Also, do not use swear words in your name. Keep your username over 3 characters long and under 20 characters.
2.3. Users are allowed to request for a username change. Go to the Contact page and choose the reason 'Username change request' in the message body, paste the following template:

Current Username:
New Username:
Reason for change:

The reason for the change is optional for a first request, but after the first change it is mandatory. Please note that you are allowed to change your username every six months; once you change it, you cannot change it again, unless you have a really good reason. So be careful in choosing your new username and/or be SURE that you really want to change it before it's too late.

It is recommended that you check to make sure the new username you want is not already taken. You can do this by searching your new desired name in the memberlist.

3. Topics & Posts

3.1. Do not give away any personal information in your posts. This includes but is not limited to the following: Full name, street address, phone number, school name
3.2. In addition to not posting your personal info, you are forbidden to post any inappropriate, illegal content. Posts that hate bash or bully other members is prohibited.

Please stay on topic. If you want to make an offtopic comment, use the Offtopic BBCode.
3.3. When you have a question, use an appropriate subject for the topic or post that is descriptive of what the question or problem is, like 'Help with Balancing Chemical Equation' and not 'question' or 'help!'
3.4. When you create a poll or a survey please add the poll or survey attribute. This isn't an official rule, and you aren't going to get punished if you forget, but just a reminder to add the appropriate attribute. Staff will add them if you forget.

4. Avatars & Signatures

4.1. Don't upload a huge avatar that stretches your mini profile in topics/posts and keep them appropriate. Animated avatars are allowed.

If you have an inappropriate avatar or an avatar that is too big, you will be asked to change it. If you do not oblige within 3 days (if you are active), you will be issued a warning. If your avatar is inappropriate, I or an Admin will probably remove it immediately and you will be given a warning.
4.2. Please do not put too many things in your signature. In other words, don't have too many lines. You are allowed to put your forum/website in your signature. Images are allowed but please do not put too many. Like with avatars, keep your signatures appropriate.

Do not put any links in your sig that leads to inappropriate, harmful, or illegal sites or content.

5. Advertising

5.1. You are allowed to advertise your forum or website, but please only advertise in the Showcase forum. Please note that you need at least 10 posts before you can do this.

You may also link to your site(s) in your signature. Anywhere else will be considered spam

6. Behavior

6.1. Flaming, trolling, and spamming is not tolerated. You may be suspended or banned for doing so.
6.2. Respect your fellow staff members and normal members. Do not be rude to others and do not talk about ANY member behind their back (bullying).

7. Warning & Ban Policy

7.1. If you break a minor rule and you have no history of warnings, you will receive a pm from a staff member asking you to stop or give you a warning that you have broken a minor rule. You will not be punished any further if you immediately stop or do as a staff member asks. Example - if you have no history of warnings, and you have an inappropriate site in your sig, a staff member will PM you, asking you to please remove it. If you oblige, nothing else will happen. If you refuse, you will receive the appropriate punishment for doing so.
7.2. If you dismiss the PM warn and continue to break minor rules, you will receive an official warning. Also, if you have a history of warnings, you will receive another if you break a minor rule.
7.3. Generally four warnings will earn you a suspension, which can last from a few hours to a few months - the length of the suspension depends on the severity of the violation.
7.4. Serious infractions or continuation of rule breaking after the end of a suspension will earn you a permanent ban. In some cases, I can end the permanent ban and you will have the opportunity to return. Otherwise, you are banned forever and will never have the chance to return. if you attempt to register another account, that account will be banned and I will have to ban your IP address.
7.5. If you have any questions or concerns about the Warning & Ban Policy please feel free to contact me or any staff member.

Staff reserve the right to ban or warn you for any reason. However if you feel that you have been unfairly warned or wrongly banned, use the Contact page. I will take action asap. Staff, please use your warn and ban powers wisely; do not abuse them. Remember that I can warn and/or ban you as well as demote you. Banning is not something to be toyed with.
7.6. The "warning system" will now be based on infraction points.

Basically, different offenses will give you different amount of points. And depending on the severity, they may expire or they may be permanent.

• Spamming, continually to post off topic, continually to post in the wrong forum: small offenses such as these will give you 5 points and will expire within 3 months.

• Trolling, rudeness, disrespect etc: 10 points; depending on how often you repeat the offense and how bad your rudeness is, it may or may not be permanent.

• Advertising outside of the Advertising forum and signature: 15 points

• Creating another account without permission: 75 points; permanent

• Bullying, preaching, linking to inappropriate sites, posting inappropriate pictures, not meeting min or max age limit: automatic 100 points; permanent (note: if you joined at age 12 your account will be unbanned once you turn 13 and your infraction points will reset to 0.

50 pts = suspension/temp ban (length varies)

100+ pts = permanent ban

Like before, contact me if you feel like you have been wrongly infracted or have a question about why you received an infraction.

May change at any time!

8. Reputation System

8.1. If you have received a rep that you believe is unfair, please post in Private Issues. An admin or I will remove it if we agree with you that it is unfair.

It is important to note that you should not take the reputation system seriously. The number of rep pts you have do not really define who you are, although generally if one has lots of rep pts, they make good posts, and if one has negative rep pts, they are unpopular. Even so, it is not a big deal if you get a neg rep because someone disagrees with you. Please do not complain if you have negative reputation. Perhaps there is a valid reason, but overall the rep pts you have is meaningless.

9. Guestbook

9.1. All registered users including guests can see the guestbook and its posts. The rules still apply to the Guestbook. Do not post anything inappropriate or hateful or anything that breaks the site rules. Also please refrain from spamming the guestbook.

10. Youtube Gallery

10.1. Please do not add any inappropriate videos. Keep them PG-13 (no major violence allowed). They should adhere to the board rules as well.

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