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[Rejected] Global Moderator Application

Want to be part of the staff? Apply here. STATUS: Closed. At this time no moderators are needed.

Moderator: Jessica

Forum rules
Make sure you have read the staff rules. By applying, you agree to follow them, especially not abuse your powers. Before you apply, be sure you have read this.

[Rejected] Global Moderator Application

Post Number: #1  Postby tomtiger11 » October 23rd, 2011, 1:13 pm

Before i apply for Global Moderator, i would like to say, if i get denied, life goes on. I would be happy with moderator, and if you do give me global moderator, you may decide to keep my default group to moderator.

Name: Tomtiger11
Why do you want to become a global mod? I want to be able to follow staff guidelines correctly, and help any member I can. I would love to be a Global Moderator, as i love this forum, and its a way to learn, in a very well-built place.
Are you a mod/admin of another forum? I am the owner of one forum, but its mainly for practice.


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You know that person that has tons of friends, and more money than sense? Yea, I'm not that person... XD
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Re: Global Moderator Application

Post Number: #2  Postby Jessica » October 23rd, 2011, 1:27 pm

Sorry, but I will have to reject your application...moderators can become global moderators, but only when I think they've done their job really well and have been a moderator for a long time.

Maybe in the future I will promote you to global mod. :-)
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