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hello :)

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hello :)

Post Number: #1  Postby dondino » October 18th, 2013, 4:36 am

Hello !! :)
this place is so cute, I miss so much coding and building up forums!
And I loved to do that... it's been my passion for many years a long time ago.... when I rethink about it I almost tear up :)
At "my time" phpbb 2 version was the version in charge. At some point (around years 2007-2008) when they released the version 3 (still the actual), I really couldnt accept it :(
Because till then I have worked so hard to mod my little forum... many many nights and hours spent after work. I recognized that with the new version they have changed everything, including support, so I lost all my forces and simply refused to do any upgrade and further modifications... I simply gave up with everything.
But now that i'm getting old I'm again looking for modern platforms... and it's so nice to see forums modded so well like this one :)
Despite all the forums I have started (and close!) I still have a super-heavy modded phpbb 2 (now ancient!) forum, which I still use just for test, and in which I'm still fixing bugs from time to time :D I still love my phpbb2 and how I made it.... sometimes when I look at it I ask myself how I was able to create something so cute... I really wouldnt be able to do anything like that now. The fact and the matter is that we are proud of what we do, whatever it takes :))

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Re: hello :)

Post Number: #2  Postby Jessica » October 18th, 2013, 11:27 am

Welcome to S&C :-)
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